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Reviving and Updating the Soft Form of the DW-001

TOKYO , Dec. one, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of the particular newest improvements to its group of shock-resistant G-SHOCK timepieces. The newest G-B001 watches get the form of the DW-001 released within 1994, at this point adding the playful touch with detachable bezel.

Using its Capsule Hard design, which usually fully enveloped the case in botanical to get an unique shock resistant construction, the initial DW-001 presented a brand new feeling by departing from the regular rugged, hard designs. The power and strength associated with G-SHOCK conveyed in the new bent, soft form proved popular.

The newest G-B001 watches consider the DW-001 design concept further, combining the concept of wrap the view with the particular thrill associated with popping open up a gadget capsule through a snack machine. The detachable bezel on this particular shock-resistant view allows users to mix plus match components to select a favorite appear that greatest suits their style for the day.

Retaining the soft DW-001 form, the newest watches have a double-bezel style that enables users in order to detach the resin frame to show the metal bezel beneath, much like the design of the toy pills. The plant bezel remains true in order to the DW-001 design with a two-tone color plan, while hairline and looking glass finishes around the individual aspects of the steel bezel offer a more advanced look plus feel. This particular design illustrates the various character of the resin and steel bezels, providing a watch which is appear and advanced at the same time.

The G-B001MVE also includes an interchangeable botanical bezel plus band, offering much more style combinations meant for users in order to mix and match for their taste.

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